Wilson James Motor Racing Challenge

5th September 2023

The recent inaugural Construction Industry Motor Racing Challenge roared to life, leaving a trail of exhilaration and philanthropy in its wake. The event, hosted by Wilson James and organised by Salone Events, proved to be a high-octane success, raising an impressive £22,250 in support of our charity.

Breaking away from the mould of conventional corporate charity events, the Construction Industry Motor Racing Challenge combined adrenaline-pumping excitement with a worthy cause. Participants enjoyed a full day of driving an exceptional collection of eight high-performance cars, all against the backdrop of the world-renowned PalmerSport track. This unique venue’s spacious run-off areas provided a safe yet thrilling environment for participants to push their limits and experience speed like never before.

The driving excitement was only part of the experience. A total of nine trophies were up for grabs throughout the day, adding an element of competition to the proceedings. The fundraising continued at a ay’s post-event dinner, which featured a successful auction and the presentation of the coveted trophies.

One participant offered glowing praise, stating, “What an amazing event. The location and planning were flawless, making it one of the best I’ve attended. The Inaugural Wilson James Construction Industry Motor Racing Challenge event not only delivered heart-pounding excitement but also supported the Lighthouse Charity, a cause close to all our hearts.”

The success of this inaugural event has already sparked interest in future editions. Those keen on participating in the upcoming event are encouraged to register their interest by contacting bernadette@saloneevents.co.uk.

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