These 5 wellbeing sessions are interactive, and are an introduction to the following subjects:

  • Coping with stress – covers pressure and stress, causes, coping mechanisms, and how we can build our resilience to stress (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Work, life balance – covers what is good work life balance and how to achieve it (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Mindfulness – covers what mindfulness is about and how you can implement mindfulness into your day (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Resilience – covers resilience, how to build resilience and top tips to take away to implement to keep your resilience growing (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Meditation – a straightforward introduction to meditation from a construction professional explaining how a consistent practice can benefit your mental health every day

Delivery: Facilitated interactive webinar session, delivered on Zo0m

Duration: Each sessions lasts about 1 hour

Takeaways: Workbook completed throughout the course

Delegates: 10 – 100

Cost: Free of charge

If you are interested in booking these wellbeing sessions, please complete the form below to register your interest and a member of our team will get in touch.