These interactive masterclasses and wellbeing sessions are an introduction to the following subjects:

  • Coping with stress– covers pressure and stress, causes, coping mechanisms, and how to build our resilience to stress *
  • Balancing Life & Work– covers what is good work life balance and how to achieve it *
  • Mindfulness– covers what mindfulness is about and how you can implement mindfulness into your day *
  • Building Resilience– how to build resilience and top tips to take away, to keep your resilience growing *
  • Meditation– a straightforward introduction to meditation from a construction professional explaining how a consistent practice can benefit your mental health every day
  • Meditation Part 2:  Practical Session – following on from the Introduction to Meditation, this session gives you the opportunity to try two simple everyday techniques that can positively effect your mental health, and a guided meditation experience
  • Self-Care – provides an understanding of how self-care practices can improve our lives. Learning, observing and engaging in self-care is a key life skill which helps us stay focused, feel happier and often lends itself to a better work-life balance. Understand  practical ways to create self-care into our everyday lives to help us look after our minds and bodies and help us function at our best. *
  • Anxiety – Explains the anxiety cycle and the complexities and triggers associated with the different types of anxiety that can affect us. It demonstrates different strategies which can help in coping with the symptoms of anxiety that can arise in our daily lives. *
  • Covid-19 – coping with change – covers preparing to return to the workplace, and looks minimise concerns and worries
  • At the interview– covers different types of interview, preparation tips for each type of interview and practice questions *
  • Bang on budget** – covers an introduction to budgeting, hints and tips for money management and where and when to get help *
  • CV Workshop – covers the purpose of a CV, covering letters, what to include and hints and tips for selling your skills *
  • Sleep Deprivation – provides expert information, advice and guidance about how to identify issues with your sleep, what is normal, what isn’t and how you can look after your sleep welfare
*CPD Accredited
**  Please note: The information given in this course is  not intended to be a source of financial advice, nor do we promote or endorse any specific products. You should always consult a FCA regulated advisor on financial management.


Delivery: Facilitated interactive webinar session, delivered on Zoom

Duration: Each session lasts around 1 hour

Takeaways: Workbook completed throughout the course

Delegates: 10 – 100

Cost: Free of charge

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