Walking the West Highland Way to remember Jason Daislie

28th September 2021

Best friends, George Flannagan and Fanny Hurst, completed a 96 mile walk from Milngavie to Fort William, known as the West Highland Way, in a staggering 5 days!

The pair joined The Walk for Jock, a local charity, who complete the walk annually in an effort to raise money for various charities.

This is what George had to say about the motivation behind their journey:

The lighthouse charity is a charity that was been close to all my family’s hearts since August 2010…the reason for that? My brother in law Jason Daisley left for work on a construction site one morning and sadly never returned that night due to a fatal accident that took him away from us at the age of 37. This brought devastation to the whole family especially to my sister Tracy Daisley (his wife)  and his 2 young daughters Hayden who was 2 at the time and Teigan who was 1. After just a couple of days the lighthouse family reached out to my sister to offer support and services. Although Tracy will never get over this tragic event, she constantly reminds people she would never have got to where she is today without the help and advice from the Lighthouse club. I have always wanted to give something back for the support we all received and this is why I chose to raise as much money as we possibly could to take on this really tough mental and physical challenge. I done this challenge with my best friend Danny Hurst who didn’t have a charity to support before doing this walk but knows what the charity has done for us and was more than happy to raise funds for lighthouse also and after doing a bit of research into the charity it’s something he is also now going to support in the future.

Myself and Danny decided to tackle the West Highland way, a 96 mile walk from Milngavie to Fort William.

We did this with a local charity organisation called The Walk For Jock. They were a group set up 10 Years ago named after a local man called John Paterson who sadly lost his life to cancer shortly after completing the west highland way. After this his brother David Paterson decided to set up the group. What they actually do is sign people up every year to complete the walk and give that individuals chosen charity local exposure to help raise money for them. It is an excellent organisation and after hearing our story and what the lighthouse charity does they instantly grew a soft spot for us and invited us on their 10th anniversary walk.

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