Vince from THSP completes 87 miles of The Ridgeway

22nd October 2019

Vince from THSP set himself a huge challenge for his recent Lighthouse Day – the 87-mile long Ridgeway walk from Ivinghoe Beacon to Overton Hill in Wiltshire.

To make the walk even longer, he started 4 miles away at his parents’ house in Bedfordshire and finished with a further 3 miles to Swindon bus station.

In total, Vince completed nearly 110 miles in 4 and half days – a whopping 246,183 steps!

Vince commented;

“Thank you so much to everyone that has donated to The Lighthouse Club. They need our support. And thank you for all your messages of encouragement. They helped me complete it as I’ve walked in pain for 2 days due to problems with my feet.”

Huge thank you to Vince for this incredible effort, and for the money he raised for our charity.

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