A bricklayer who has worked in the industry for three decades, suffered a heart attack which resulted in oxygen starvation. Tragically this in turn has left him with permanent brain damage.

His partner contacted us for support because she was struggling to cope with their sudden change in circumstances and the stress of looking after her partner who is now unable to walk or talk.

Our caseworker was able to put in place an immediate support package which included access to counselling to help her cope with the situation. We also provided support and guidance on their benefit entitlements and supported an application for her partner to receive a powered wheelchair to help improve his mobility.

With our help, she is now managing to cope on a daily basis and has also made contact with local support groups recommended by our case worker.  Together they are taking one day at a time. She has sent us a ‘massive thank you’ for all of the aftercare provided and especially praised the counselling which she has described as being ‘fantastic’. 

That massive thank you goes to each and every person and organisation that donates to us and helps us to make a difference to people’s lives.