Traffic Safety & Management’s Jolly Jumpers

31st January 2023

Traffic Safety & Management Ltd. have been providing temporary traffic management solutions to a diverse and varied client base for over 20 years. They identified that the Traffic Safety & Management workforce, like many in, and allied to, the construction sector has faced and continues to face a range of challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and the current pressures on family budgets have added to the factors that could result in a distraction or lapse in concentration resulting in harm, damage or disruption to individuals or the service we provide.

To support the valuable service provided by our charity, they ran a Christmas Jumper fundraising event on 14th December 2022.  Participation fees, ‘Grinch’ penalty charges and additional individual donations saw £484.00 raised by TSM staff members.

Thank you to everyone involved in their fundraising and to Traffic Safety & Management Ltd. for choosing to support our mission.

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