Thakeham Lockdown Distance Challenge

14th October 2020

As a company, Thakeham decided to support the our charity through their Lockdown Distance Challenge.

Many of their staff had signed up to partake in a local 5 or 10K challenge which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to lockdown restrictions so in light of this, they came up with a new challenge that all staff could join in with and decided to incorporate a bit of fundraising. They asked everyone who would like to join in to donate £5 to our charity.

They set up an online document to allow all staff to log their daily exercise, mode of transport and distance. This data then fed into a second tab that gave a breakdown of the distance travelled collectively, what city they had virtually reached and the distance to the next destination. There was also a leaderboard to show who was travelling the furthest and by which method.

Their combined mileage for the month was 3,686 miles, getting them from the UK to Annapolis, Maryland!!

Thank you to all participants for your fantastic hard work.

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