Super Steve Steps Up To Charity Challenge On Salisbury Plain

30th March 2021

We thought we’d share a snippet of Army Veteran and Clancy Group employee, Steven Lord’s latest fundraising efforts, a 30 Mile endurance walk out on Salisbury Plain.

This is my 3rd charity event in a row this year, I was asked to complete the Royal British Legion Industries 10,000 steps a day challenge throughout January, carrying a weighted backpack and also to be done in fastest time possible, I managed an accumulated time of 39:44:37 with 155 miles covered.

Throughout February as pre-training for this charity event, I again completed the 155 miles to raise money for a school’s charity, which was set up by a colleague of mine, this is where I thought that I could push the distances further.  I calculated that the distance from my place of work to home was 30 miles, my initial plan was to walk from work to home, but due to safety issues and logistics for the journey, I decided on the route around the Salisbury plain training area.

By the time March came round, I had over 310 training miles covered in all weathers, the night before the challenge was nothing but rain for almost 24 hours across the plain, luckily most of the route is on tracks. Throughout the day I had support from one of my work colleagues who met me at prearranged markers to ensure I was fed and had water before moving off again.

I completed the 30 Mile distance in a time of 6:45:07 carrying 40lb/18kg and I was met by my family at the end.

I chose two charities, the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, being one that supports the health and wellbeing of the construction force, with whom I now work with, and the other charity, I raised money for is a charity called Scotty’s Little Soldiers that supports the children of fallen service personnel, being an army veteran, this was a simple choice to make”.

Here at the Lighthouse Club we continue to be overwhelmed by the lengths people will go to, to raise funds for our charity, although near impossible to give each and every single one of you a mention (although we do try!), your efforts are very much appreciated, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To make a donation to Steven’s fundraiser click here:  Virgin Money Giving | Charity endurance walk

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