We were contacted by a construction worker who was feeling suicidal and had attempted to take his life. He was unable to work due to a back injury and with no income was unable to pay for his accommodation or his living costs. He had never been in such dire straits and his difficult circumstances had a serious negative impact on his mental health.

Our team immediately carried out a safeguarding assessment because of the immediate distress of the client. We also encouraged him to go to his GP because the client said the reduction in his pain medication had led to his increased suicidal thoughts.

We arranged emergency food deliveries and utility payments to make an immediate impact on his wellbeing and provided counselling sessions to help stabilise his mental health while adult support services were put in place. We worked to highlight his case with the local council, to tap into further resources to help him.

The GP reviewed the client’s medication and the counselling provided through us  resulted in better pain management and the client feeling much calmer and no longer feeling suicidal.

Through the local council we have been able to arrange home support such as someone to help him go shopping, someone to help him at home, adaptations to his home and a dedicated person to help him complete applications for disability payments and working rights.

The client has been on a huge journey and from being on suicide watch when he first approached us for help, he is now in a safe place with ongoing support in place.

The client said, ‘You have literally saved my life.’