The wife of a 44 year old site traffic marshall reached out to us when her husband had a sudden heart attack and sadly died two days later. She was alone dealing with her grief, the care of their 11 year old son and was not coping emotionally or financially.

We were able to provide immediate legal assistance as she was struggling to obtain probate. We also helped to pay for funeral costs and this money was returned to us when a relative stepped in to help pay.

She was still grieving and dealing with the shock of her loss, so we were able to outline all the support available to her and let her know that we would be here for her whenever she was ready.

Our case worker continued with a complete review of her financial circumstances and ensured that she was claiming all the benefits she was entitled to. While conducting the review, we also reviewed her electricity arrears which had increased significantly and managed the debt with the supplier.

Both the lady and her son have been offered further emotional support should they wish and we have been able to relieve her of further stress and upset during such a difficult time, knowing that she can reach out again whenever she needs.

She has since expressed her profound gratitude for our help with her situation and for being there to support her during such a difficult and traumatic period in her life.