Scottish Water physical and creative challenge

16th December 2020

Scottish Water and their construction supply chain support the annual CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) Stop.Make a Change campaign.  The focus of this year’s campaign was encouraging us to re-engage with our own health, safety and wellbeing, especially when so many have been affected by Covid-19.

The Scottish Water and contractors’ Heads of Health and Safety decided to focus on mental health and respiratory health.  When building the campaign they identified that they wanted to do something to benefit their teams and wider construction colleagues.  Recognising the benefit of physical activity on positive mental health, they knew they wanted to get active.  Most of them also knew about the work of our charity, in particular the Construction Helpline and wellbeing webinars.  Several of them also knew people who had directly benefited from our charitable services.  So by combining these two drivers, their Lighthouse Challenge was born!

In the month of October they challenged their teams to three activities – complete as many kilometres of human-powered activity as possible, connect with the themes of light and water through their photo scavenger hunt and donate to the Lighthouse Club fund.  158 people got active, logging 23,202km of cycling, walking, running, swimming, even kayaking across Loch Ness.  Their creative types took up their cameras for the photo scavenger hunt, celebrating the stunning coastlines and waterways of Scotland and northern England.  Plus, thanks to the generosity of colleagues, friends and families they were delighted to raise £5,121 for the Lighthouse Club.  Special thanks go to George Leslie Ltd and RSE for their generous donations in recognition of their teams’ challenge efforts.

They hope that as part of our Stop.Make a Change campaign they have a positive impact on people’s lives, by talking about mental health, breaking down stigma and supporting essential services such as those provided by our charity.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part or donated. Your donations ensure we can continue to support construction families in crisis. 

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