Neil’s Movember Motivation

27th January 2023

We caught up with Neil Salvidge from NS TD&A Ltd to discuss why he chose to support our charity as part of his Movember fundraising:

‘My role in construction is very training and assessment focused. I’m meeting a real variety of people from all walks of life on a daily basis, and I really enjoy supporting and witnessing individuals reaching new goals. But every so often, my role can challenge learners and sometimes NVQ assessments might be the first formal qualification someone has undertaken. Last year (2022) two individuals who I was supporting in their assessments opened up about situations not only affecting their work, but home life, their well-being and coping with day to day life. Employers were remote from them, and there was nobody to talk to. They needed professional support. As an Assessor we certainly look for signs of weakness in task/job specific activities and signpost accordingly, but personnel, sensitive matters I’m no professional! With the signposting to the Lighthouse Club, I could share a contact to support them and be assured a professional would be able to help.

Good news! Both are now back on track, facing their daily challenges with more confidence and positivity. Thanks to the Lighthouse Club. 

For the past four years I’ve always looked to support charities who I’ve crossed paths with and provided vital assistance in what they do. So when November came around, the Lighthouse Club was an obvious choice to give something back. 

Thanks to my brilliant network on LinkedIn and Facebook (and the Gas Membrane Installation Utd group) who dug deep and really supported the challenge. The posts and engagement was fun. It was actually sad to see the tash go!’

Thank you again to Neil for his fantastic fundraising efforts and support towards our charity!

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