Munnelly Group Partnership #StartAskingForHelp

13th October 2020

We have partnered with Munnelly Group PLC to launch a new campaign to raise awareness around the importance of talking about mental health problems within the construction industry, encouraging those struggling to speak up and #StartAskingForHelp.

The aim of the campaign is to not only create a safe space, but to allow those who feel they are alone to know there is support available and that it is time to #StartAskingForHelp.

Working closely together, we will be providing up to date expert advice on bettering mental health. This will include offering A Guide to Taking Care of Your Mental Health, along with running Mental Health First Aid training for individuals on construction sites. Additionally, Munnelly Group will be actively encouraging colleagues to talk more about their wellbeing with others.

Paul David Munnelly, Board Member of Munnelly Group PLC said:

“We are a huge advocate of the support the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity provides to the industry. This partnership is important to the work we’ve been doing within the Munnelly Group, to raise awareness in the construction and infrastructure industry around well-being and the importance of maintaining good mental health.

The construction industry has a long way to go when it comes to tackling stigmas around mental health. We want to encourage those struggling to speak up and ask for help. Shockingly, males in the construction industry are three times more likely to commit suicide compared to the national average. As a collective, we can change this.

Through campaigns such as this, we’re hoping to create increased awareness and help with the development of more positive attitudes towards mental health for all those working within the construction industry.”

Bill Hill, CEO of Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Munnelly Group to accelerate and amplify our efforts to improve our workforce wellbeing.  I have sleepless nights trying to think of how we can get our services to individuals in crisis before they reach crisis point and I am convinced that if given the opportunity we could manage to turn some away from suicide. By delivering a huge portfolio of free and widely available pro-active resources and training we are ensuring that organisations and individuals have many pathways to support when they need it.”

Stigma around discussing mental health with others is prevalent within the construction industry, this collaboration aims to breakdown these stigmas.

Munnelly Group PLC donates to and will continue to work closely with our charity, supporting us with their commitment to promoting better mental health within the construction industry.

If you would like to download their Guide to Taking Care of Your Mental Health, click here.

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