We were contacted by a construction labourer who was struggling with his mental health and unable to work. As a result, he had accumulated a large build of rent arrears.

With depression making it difficult for him to think and take action while under pressure, the  financial situation deteriorated and he was at risk from becoming homeless.

Our support services team worked with him to ensure he was receiving all the benefits he was entitled to. They also worked with another charity to gain match-funding which meant that we could clear the man’s rent arrears. This meant he was saved from becoming homeless.

We were also able to work with him to help manage his finances, build his confidence and provide encouragement.

The pressure from the fear of losing his home, had made him feel alone, overwhelmed and unable to see a way out. Now, he feels he can move forward and is working on his mental health and confidence and hoping to return to work in the future.

“The Lighthouse Club took the time to listen to my worries and problems and I have really been lifted from a difficult place and cannot express how grateful I am for the support I have received. It feels like a miracle has taken place…”