Matthew had been a scaffolder for ten years but suffered acute physical and mental health issues as a result of a serious accident whilst in his work’s vehicle. He sustained serious head and internal injuries and permanent damage to his retina. To date he is still unable to work and receiving ongoing physiotherapy sessions.

Because of the physical and emotional impact of the accident, the relationship with his partner broke down and the family home was lost. The breakdown of the relationship was so serious, he was given emergency custody of his two children aged two and four and had to leave the area, which in turn cut him off from his friends and support network. Their only option was to go into a homeless shelter to stay safe.  It was whilst Matthew and his children were staying at the shelter that he contacted us for help.

His situation was classified as a serious safeguarding issue and he was immediately contacted by one of our caseworkers who organised emergency temporary accommodation as an interim measure to offer a degree of normality and stability for him and his children.

The caseworker organised accommodation with a local housing association in a two-bed home. The house was unfurnished and without the basics that the family needed. We paid a deposit to secure the accommodation and provided essential items such as a sofa, basic furniture, beds, white goods and kitchenware. We also made sure that the children received gifts at Christmas.

Although Matthew is still unable to work, we are delighted to report that the outcome has been a positive one. The family now feels settled and the children are happy again and growing in confidence.


“My situation caused me considerable mental health issues but things have improved immensely. I can now look to the future without constantly thinking about what we have been through, especially the children. I found it very difficult to trust people as a result of my experience, but my caseworker really helped with all of my problems and talked me through everything that was happening to help us feel safe and secure. I will always be grateful for the Lighthouse Club’s help and support.  When things were at their worst and there was no one else to turn to, they were there for me”.

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