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A straightforward introduction to meditation from a construction professional explaining how a consistent practice can benefit your mental health every day

Meditation Part 2

Practical Session – following on from the Introduction to Meditation, this session gives you the opportunity to try two simple everyday techniques that can positively effect your mental health, and a guided meditation experience


Covers what mindfulness is about and how you can implement mindfulness into your daily routine.


How to build resilience and a strong mindset, with tips to keep your resilience growing through challenging times.

Self Care

Learn how self-care practices can improve our lives and help us function at our best. Understand practical ways to create self-care into our everyday lives to help us look after our minds and bodies. . 

Taking Control Alcohol and Drugs

Provides an understanding of the effects of drugs and alcohol and the importance of organisations carrying out regular testing on their employees as well as the consequences of a positive test result on both work and home life.