#MakeItVisible across the water!

21st April 2023

Following on from a hugely successful tour last year, our ‘Make It Visible’ tour has travelled across the water again for another wellbeing tour in Ireland.

Last October the team visited 12 sites and met with 850 boots on the ground workforce. The demand was so high that we had a waiting list of companies eager to host the team. The latest week long tour in March saw the team visit another 23 sites and meeting with almost 2000 people. The ‘Make It Visible’ vans were not to be missed while visiting sites across Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

The ‘tour promotes a more proactive, preventative approach to the wellbeing and mental welfare of those within and directly related to the construction industries across Ireland and the UK.  

As part of the recent tour in March, Andy, Lee, and Rob from the ‘’Make It Visible’ team delivered toolbox talks and shared their own lived experiences with poor mental wellbeing, and relayed the importance of minding our mental health, both on and off site.

The  team visited sites across a range of Irish companies including CField Construction, Ross Engineering Services, John Sisk & Son, Collen Construction, Radley Engineering and Winthrop Technologies, among others.

So far this year the ‘Make It Visible’ tour has reached nearly 15,000 workers across Ireland and the UK. 

We are continuing to raise awareness of the support services we offer and the ‘Make It Visible’tour will be returning to Ireland this summer. 

As part of increased efforts across the country, other activities such as fundraising cycle events and networking lunches will be taking place in both the north and south of the country.

In Dublin, following on from last year’s hugely successful event, the Lighthouse Charity’s Summer Lunch will be taking place on June 9th at the iconic Croke Park.

Similarly, in the stunning Titanic Museum, Belfast, the charity will be hosting a fundraising lunch on September 29th with host, Tim McGarry. This special event will also mark the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Lighthouse Club in Northern Ireland.

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