Make It Visible Launch Presentation

12th January 2023

Last year, thanks to your support we were able to help over 3600 construction families and deliver £1,505,000 of charitable services to our construction community. Our work is ongoing but this is still not enough to overcome the significant issues we have in our industry.

  • Construction is the number one industry for suicides
  • Suicides are rising within our industry
  • 20% of all recorded work related illness is due to stress, anxiety or depression
  • Construction is number one in occupational related cancer cases
  • The construction sector is not attracting enough new talent to fulfil future needs. 

As a founding member of the hugely successful Building Mental Health initiative we partnered with CITB to train 288 Mental Health First Aid Instructors who in turn have trained over 10,500 Mental Health First Aiders in our sector. This is the highest number of Mental Health First Aiders in any industry vertical.

As a result of the success of Building Mental Health initiative, the Construction Leadership Council has asked us to lead an industry wide initiative called Make it Visible. The Make It Visible initiative is about making wellbeing support visible in construction; in sight, on every site.

Make it Visible will unite the industry in improving the wellbeing and welfare of our workforce for this generation and the next. This is a herculean task and one that has both moral urgency and economic imperative.

We are asking everyone that has responsibility for workforce wellbeing to join our launch presentation which will be led by Professor Billy Hare of Glasgow University on;

Tuesday 24th January 13:00 to 14:30

Make It Visible Launch Presentation

Professor Billy Hare will be presenting a meta study on all published wellbeing research over the last 18 months.

We will be reviewing and voting on key implementable national strategies on the subjects of:

  • Reactive Wellbeing Support
  • Proactive Wellbeing Support
  • Wellbeing Culture Change
  • Measuring the effectiveness of Wellbeing Strategies

From the voting of priorities the Make It Visible project team will seek volunteers to drive initiatives across the industry sector and mobilise resources to ensure continued momentum.

Thank you

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