Mace LSE project team go the whole hog!

5th October 2018

The Mace project team at the London School of Economics were recently the highest scoring CCS project in the whole of Mace for July 2018 with a fantastic score of 47/50.  As a result, they were able to donate £1000 to the charity of their choice and we’re delighted to announce that we were top of the list.

As well as benefitting from this award, the team also held a Hog Roast on site to complement their  Mental Health Awareness initiatives and to encourage everybody involved with our project at all levels to get talking away from the normal day to day environment.  They also took the opportunity to promote the Lighthouse Club and the Considerate Constructors scheme by holding a ‘Sponge the Manager’ event which was extremely popular!

The team are very generously continuing their support of us by raising money right up to Christmas time. Sounds like another excuse to get the hog roast out again!

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