We were recently contacted by a lady who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she had been referred to us by MacMillan. She was an office worker for a construction company, but as a temporary employee she was not entitled to the same paid sickness leave as her colleagues. So as well as coping with the devastating news of her condition she was also faced with dealing with immediate financial problems.

She was off work immediately and began her cancer treatment straight away. During this period she had no means of paying her rent, council tax or daily living costs.

She is still undergoing chemotherapy and we have been able to support her financially with her rent arrears, managing her council tax and paying daily bills. The chemotherapy treatment has meant  that she has lost her hair and she has an extremely sensitive scalp. To make her feel more comfortable we have also sourced and paid for some specially designed headscarves which do not irritate her scalp because of the special fabric they are made of and they have given her some of her confidence back.

She has been very appreciative of the support and has said, “Dealing with this has been much harder than I thought, but the help I have received has meant that I can focus my efforts on my recovery rather than dealing with the stress of everything else.”

Thankfully, she is expected to make a full recovery and should be able to return to work. We’re incredibly grateful for your support which means that we have been able to help this lady through her cancer journey and on the road to recovery.