Josh’s story

We were contacted by Josh’s family when he became critically ill very suddenly in December 2017.

Josh’s father, Sean, is a self-employed painter and decorator and Josh had just started working as a dry liner and hoped to start an apprenticeship as an electrician.

Here’s their story…

September 2018

Following on from our video about Josh earlier this year, his aunt Suzanne Kinley has very kindly given us an update on Josh’s progress:

Just a few months ago, things were looking very bleak in terms of any future for Josh. When we made the video to highlight his condition, he was still paralysed on one side with little hope of a full recovery. I am beyond happy to say that Josh continues to fight and amazes us every day. He is regaining the power in his left leg and is being taught to walk again (with support). He has also very recently started to regain movement in his left arm. For the first time we are able to consider that Josh could be fully mobile again. Obviously, it is a very long and hard process and he is still in the rehab facility and is likely to be there for some time. We are waiting for news about Josh having a metal plate on his skull fitted and he will then need further rehab after he recovers again. The most important thing is that we can now look forward to a time when Josh will walk out of there again, something that not so long ago seemed impossible.

The support from the Lighthouse Club Charity has played a huge part in our journey so far and this cannot be underestimated. To alleviate the financial burden has allowed my brother in law (Josh’s father) to concentrate solely on caring for his son and my sister has been able to reduce her hours to part-time so she can spend as much time as possible with Josh. And for that, we are all incredibly grateful.

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