International Platforms supports the Lighthouse Club

23rd January 2023

International Platforms Managing director, Vicki Allen, presented a cheque for £6554 to the Lighthouse Club following the auction of a Genie scissor lift.

Vicki explained. “In spring 2022 I acquired an eight-year-old Genie GS2632 electric scissor lift which was in a sorry state and, although still operational, it needed a complete facelift. Usually, I would offer a machine like this for sale and let the client decide if they would like to buy it ‘as seen’ or if they would prefer it to be serviced and repaired by us. However, I decided to do things a little differently this time!

“These machines are useful indoor access platforms, ideal for second fix construction work, warehousing, cleaning jobs, electrical work, facilities management and stock taking. As it is a popular make and model, I knew someone would snap it up, and it therefore had great potential to raise some money at auction for a good cause.

“We therefore set about getting this scissor lift back into tip-top shape in our warehouse by having it fully refurbished and serviced. With additional support from friends in the industry including Genie, PAS Powered Access Services, Hire Safe Solutions and Avalon Metal Coatings, it had a full repaint and new batteries, tyres and steps amongst numerous other parts.

“I am fortunate to know a lot of people in the construction industry from working for almost 20 years in the access platform business. Unfortunately, I have become increasingly aware of the mental health problems some are having and had also heard about the good work the Lighthouse Club does. I was delighted to be able to promote and auction this electric scissor lift at Vertikal Days and online on our website and give the charity the entire proceeds. We had wanted to raise £5000, so our hopes and expectations were surpassed when Ross O’Neill from Munster Platforms pledged £6554, a fantastic result.”

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction industry Charity said, “We were delighted that International Platforms chose to support us in this way and are grateful to everyone who placed a bid, especially Ross Ross O’Neill from Munster Platforms who, I am sure, will get lots of use from his purchase.”

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