Joelie, a 20 year old apprentice in the construction industry recently contacted us for helpafter her employer suggested she get in touch. . After a disagreement with her father, she was asked to leave the family home and was suddenly homeless. Joelie was sofa-surfing and it was impacting on her wellbeing.

After speaking with Joelie, our support team found that she needed some extra help to secure a better future. While Joelie could afford to pay rent and to look after herself, she could not afford a deposit.

We were able to provide her with the deposit to help her secure a home. She had nothing in the way of home essentials so we supported her with a home start up kit which included necessities such as bedding, towels, kitchen utensils and more. 

Joelie was ambitious and looking forward to building her career in the industry, so we also provided guidance on how she could build her experience and learn life skills such as budgeting. 

Today, Joelie is secure in her own home, where friends and family members can visit. Her grandad has been helping her with jobs around the house.

Joelie has shared with us that the support she has received lifted a huge weight and she now feels like somebody. She is looking towards the future.