A painter and decorator contacted us through our website, having been given our details from another charity (Turn2Us). She was struggling financially and emotionally.

Her daughter had become ill and was suffering from seizures. Caring for her daughter had reduced her ability to work which led to an obvious reduction in income. This caused her to fall behind on some of her bills and she borrowed money to try and help the situation. Due to the solitary nature of her work, she was often alone with her thoughts which were increasingly getting her down.

We completed a full financial review, ensuring she was receiving the benefits she was entitled to. We referred her to other financial organisations  (B&CE and CAP) and supported her while they helped her manage her debts. We also provided her with six sessions of counselling.

She has now returned to work, feeling more in control and less stressed because she is now using coping techniques learned during her counselling to help manage her emotional health.

She said “I can’t thank you all enough. I never thought I’d ever need the help I do now right now and I’m so glad there are charities out there, like the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity who can help.

I’ve donated to your charity in the past but never thought I’d need help myself. It’s a huge relief to have been taken care of, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you give and offer.”