DB Group holds golf day for a personal cause

30th July 2019

Cambridge-based DB Group had a personal reason for raising funds for us at their recent Golf Day. Read their story;

“There are lots of companies that raise funds for charity.  Many do it without really knowing why.  It’s just something they do, part of ‘corporate social responsibility’.  That is not the case for DB Group.

“One of our number was told about the Lighthouse Club at a severe crisis in their life when the breadwinner of the family suddenly fell ill.  With their sole focus and resources taken up by the medical emergency situation at hand, there was no time to deal with family finances, like mortgages and bills, for the first few months. 

“That’s where the Lighthouse Club was able to offer a much-needed financial bridge.  There are many similar stories where this charity has come to the rescue of those in the construction industry, and it’s worth knowing that it is the only charity for the construction industry.

“So, when it came to nominating a charity for our Golf Day, we were determined to pay back that assistance, with interest. We were also determined that our guests would have as much fun as possible.

“Key to the whole idea was getting the numbers and the weather.  With the former, we had no trouble gaining all the hole sponsorships and raffle prize donations we needed for the day to succeed.  Time and again we were moved by the generosity of our sponsors.  As for paying for ‘mulligans’ on the day – buying these were purely driven by a sense of necessity for some of our novice players!  But as the whole point of the day was fun for all levels of ability while doing some good, everyone entered the spirit.

“The day dawned without a cloud, a promising omen, and both the grounds and the course at our venue, Luton Hoo, were picture perfect.  It was hotter than anyone thought it would be and there were a few red complexions despite deploying Factor 50 sunblock before players set out. The BBQ and drinks at the 19th hole were extremely welcome after play ended!

“Luton Hoo Golf Course were superb – good venue makes it easy for the organisers and there’s nothing like good catering and good service to make folks give generously for the charity raffle.  A lot of good-natured ribbing took place as folks collected their prizes for best and worst play, and some generous raffle prizes were given out.

“In all, we raised about £3,000, not bad for a first-ever Golf Day.  We learned a lot and now know what to do next time – and there will be a next time – we had far too much fun this year not to repeat it and our customers were very complimentary.  The Lighthouse Club was also very keen to promote us on social media by reposting our golf pictures afterwards and helping to promote our efforts which was a nice touch.”

A huge thank you to DB Group and their guests – the money you’ve raised really will help to change lives. We look forward to hearing about the next event!

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