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We were contacted by a construction labourer who had received custody of his two young children. Due to threats from a local gang the family felt unsafe. We were able to work with him and his local council to find a temporary home for them away from the threats. We were able to supply them with a washing machine as the temporary home did not have one and we also  provided PPE so that the client could work during  Covid.

His sister and mother helped with childcare but this was difficult as the temporary home was out of the borough where his family, friends and support network live so we continued our support to try and find a more suitable location for them. He was also struggling financially as he had been laid off again due to Covid.

We were able to help immediately with weekly food shops, utility payments and grants for clothes for the children. His electricity bill was a particular issue and he felt that there was a problem with the meter. Contact with the landlord and council had proved fruitless as the house  was sub-let from a large social landlord. Our caseworker was able to appeal to the council and contact his local MP   as both the landlord and council had a duty of care to either investigate the issue or move the family to more suitable accommodation, ideally back to his original area where his family and support network lived.

After two months, the family were successfully relocated near to his family. We supported the client back into the workplace where he now has a permanent job and is able to provide for his family. He lives near his family who not only help provide childcare but a routine for the children who now feel happy and safe.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to every single individual and department who helped me and my children get through the extremely difficult situation.”