Dornan Delve Deep for charity

16th June 2022

Dornan Engineering Services Ltd delved deep for our charity recently and donated £1500 as part of their Hobbies and Fitness Club.  Employees who are club members must participate in a variety of challenges that encourage them to get outdoors and get active.  The Dornan Hobbies and Fitness Club has 207 members, with a monthly average of over 561 hours of exercise and distance covered of 6,000km.  As part of their April Stress Awareness Month, the challenge was to do any outdoor activity and post photos on the club app.  The pictures could be of sporting activities, gardening or wildlife, and the challenge was for members to post at least 30 photos from in order for the challenge to be completed.  There was great involvement from the team and some fantastic photos, all whilst raising money for us!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this fantastic  challenge and well done for keeping fit and active!

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