Climbing Mount Snowdon for the Lighthouse Club charity

10th September 2018

Fortel staff travelled to North Wales to conquer Mount Snowdon to raise money and awareness for the Lighthouse Club.

The Fortel team was drawn from across the company, ranging from office to site staff, alongside a group of friends and family. Having originally planned a night walk, severe weather warnings led the team to reschedule the day over an energy-boosting breakfast at 9am in Willenhall and begin much earlier to make sure the walk was safe.

The walk started at 1pm, Our chosen path was Pyg Track, an exhilarating climb while enjoying amazing views and were part of a thriving crowd of people of all ages on the same mission as us, to reach the summit. It was a fantastic atmosphere and inspiring culture – everyone we met was encouraging and pushing each other to reach their goal.

An hour into our three-hour trek to the summit the heavens opened, and the rain lashed down, making the task more treacherous and challenging. Rocks were much more slippery, and visibility was increasingly problematic.

We got to the top with a huge sigh of relief – we did it, something everyone should be extremely proud of.

When we got back to Willenhall at 9pm it was time to celebrate our achievements, with food and refreshments provided.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part and well done, you should be proud. Also thank you to everyone who donated and supported the Lighthouse Club. We are grateful, and so will the workers be who benefit from your generous donations.

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