Do I have to buy a certain amount of crackers?

The minimum purchase is 100 and from there on you can buy as many as you wish.


We would like to use our own e-card design, can we do that?

Yes of course. When selecting from the designs, simply choose ‘cracker only’ and instead of sending you a ready made Christmas cracker card we will email you your unique code that you can embed into the body of your own card.


Can I choose several designs but only order 100 cards?

Unfortunately not. You would need to order a minimum of 100 of each of the designs you require.


Does the e-Christmas Cracker already have the Lighthouse Club’s logo on it so people know who we are supporting or do we need to add that?

Your chosen design will already include our logo so your recipients will know that you are supporting us.


I can’t seem to upload my logo, what should I do?

Once you have purchased your crackers you can send your logo separately to  We’ll then design your card and email it back to you.


I can’t use a credit card to purchase our Christmas Crackers, can I have an invoice instead?

Yes, but there is minimum order value of 1000 or more crackers as this adds to the administration of our process. Please contact and we will arrange for an invoice to be emailed to you. Please note that the invoice will need to be paid before we send you your Christmas Crackers.


Do I need to send you my database?

No, you don’t. We will email your finished e-card with your logo, personalised greeting and unique code. All you have to do them is email this to whoever you wish.


 What do people need to do when they receive their cracker from us?

They will receive instructions on what to do when they receive their card  but just so you know your recipients will need to click the link, enter the unique reference number and add their contact details to be entered into the draw. The Lighthouse Christmas Cracker system then emails them back their unique draw number with details about when the draw is made.


What is the deadline for registering entries?

Entry registrations must be received by midday on 18th  December to be entered into the draw.


What happens if only half of the people that I send the Christmas Cracker to register their details?

Then only half of your recipients are in with a chance of winning a prize! They have to register to be in the draw.


When is the draw?

The draw will take place on 18th December 2020 at 20:20hrs.  A few days before we will send you a link so that you can watch the draw live. But we are also having a fantastic, fun warm up party, Live@LighthuseClub featuring Blingo beforehand. Find out more here


What happens if I can’t watch the draw?

Don’t worry, we’ll let all the winners know as soon as possible by either email or telephone.