Meet our Charity Challenge Champions

30th March 2022

With just six weeks to go until our epic 4 Peaks and On yer Bike Challenges, we caught up with a two of our challenge champions, Logan Price from O’Halloran & O’Brien Ltd and Stephen Gallagher from Gallagher Group to find out a bit more about why they are taking part and what motivates them.

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Logan's Story

At sixteen, I decided I wanted to be part of the construction industry but I wasn’t certain in which role. I had previously approached O’Halloran & O’Brien Ltd and I was fortunate enough to be offered a 2 week structurred work experience placement.

The work experience opportunity really helped to develop my understanding of the construction industry and the varied job roles within it.

May/June 2021

Now nineteen, I have worked for OHOB for over 2 years, with much of the last twelve months being site based at our Cobham site. We are a main contractor, working as Keady Construction, where we are building two blocks of high quality flats, targeting retirement living. This has been an absolutely fantastic project for me to be a part of and I have been fortunate to have been supported by some excellent mentors such as; Conal Doherty, Paul Munday and David Fridd. I have been tasked with and had exposure to, a wide range of opportunities which have helped broaden my construction knowledge and experience. I have spent a considerable amount of time shadowing both the External Manager and the Internal Manager and their shared knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to me. I have also been given specific individual tasks by our Project Manager, which has allowed me to take personal responsibility for certain aspects of the project as well as help me to develop the discipline of prioritisation. Throughout this period, I have continued to benefit from other training and up-skilling opportunities such as an NVQ in Non-Hazardous Waste in Construction, NPORS Operators Card, Cable Avoidance and Mental Health First-Aider.

Over the course of the pandemic period I did struggle with the virtual delivery of the apprenticeship programme and the lack of social engagement with my fellow university colleagues, although I was extremely well supported by the staff at London South Bank University.

However more broadly the apprenticeship programme has really suited my learning style as I am able apply the practical knowledge I have gained in the workplace to my academic studies and similarly apply my academic development in my role as an Assistant Site Supervisor.

November/December 2021

More recently I have needed to take some time off work due to mental health issues. This was not something I had anticipated to encounter and took me by complete surprise. However, everyone at OHOB and in particular our Chairman Tom O’Brien have been exceptional in terms of supporting me with the initial problem and helping during my rehabilitation. I have had no pressure placed on me whatsoever to return to work and/or do anything that I haven’t felt ready to do!

I have over this period continued to attend London South Bank University and work on the academic side of my apprenticeship. This I have found to be very helpful as it allowed me to apply construction knowledge and skills whilst I have been off work. I have particularly benefitted from returning to face-to-face teaching and the social interaction of university colleagues, which has both suited my learning style and contributed to improving my mental health.

As a result of my mental health issues, I became motivated to embark on a personal challenge in order to raise money for mental health awareness specifically for those who are working in the construction sector and in particular young people. I am aiming to climb Mont Blanc, which is the tallest mountain in Western Europe, standing at 4,809m. This challenge would not only be a massive personal achievement for myself but would also be an opportunity for me to support others and continue to raise the awareness of mental health issues for those in the construction industry.

I know the subject of mental health in the construction sector continues to largely remain an unspoken topic and is difficult for many people to discuss. I am therefore planning to embark on a number of physical challenges in order to raise money for the Lighthouse Charity specifically to raise awareness of the important of mental health and well-being of construction workers and especially young people.

In preparation for Mont Blanc, I am looking to undertake the 4 Peaks Challenge namely to summit Ben Nevis, Scotland (1,345m), Helvellyn, Lake District, England (950m), Snowdon, Wales (1,085m) and Carrauntoohil, Ireland (1,038m) within a 48-hour window between 12th and 14th May 2022. The 4 Peaks Challenge  all about endurance. However, the Mont Blanc climb is a slightly different proposition. There is only one window annually, of approximately 12 weeks, between May and August, when it is advisable to climb Mont Blanc especially for someone with my limited experience., The climb is now booked for August 2022 and I am hoping to raise £25k for the Lighthouse Club and other mental health charities.

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Stephen's Story

Gallagher Group is sponsoring the Lighthouse Club’s, On Yer Bike Ireland Cycling event, and they are also entering a team. One eager participant is Stephen Gallagher who

Are you a keen cyclist?
I enjoy it (at times!) but wouldn’t necessarily say “I’m a keen cyclist”! This will be my fifth charity ride of similar distances. My saying is “if I can do it, anyone can” which I genuinely believe!

What bike will you be riding?
I have a Trek Domane – my second Trek bike, and an impulse buy before I rode around the Italian Alps. It was money well spent – seat suspension is a very welcome benefit!!

Where is your favourite place to ride?
I probably have two spots, either around Lake Como where the views were simply incredible, although I was more focused on getting up the various tough hills at the time, or Bruges to Sluis in Belgium, a very sedate 25km along lovely quiet canals with fantastic cycle paths and stunning views. Both are very different in cycling terms but highlight my cycling efforts so far.

What appealed to you most about taking part in this challenge?
I have always fancied doing some cycling in Ireland, and the idea of riding between Leitrim and Killarney came about over one too many beers with Eddie McGillycuddy! Once he said he was up for it as well we were off and running. Whilst it’s been a bit stop/start over the last couple of years, the excitement/nerves are building, but I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic few days, and an incredible way to see some stunning parts of Ireland. Every ride is a challenge, and I have a feeling the ‘mixed Irish weather’ may be our biggest challenge this time around. We’ll be well supported by Chapeau Events, who are an incredible support team, they really do help you out along the way as well.

Have you done anything like this before?
Yes, but they don’t get any easier, training never goes to plan, there’s always more you could’ve done, nerves will kick in before we set off, but once we’re underway, the team spirit and camaraderie are inspiring, and really do help you get through the last few miles every day. The best bits are the evening dinners reliving the day’s adventures – you’d think you’re in the company of Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish or Sean Kelly the way everyone carries on about their daily endeavours, and how “they raced up that hill”.

Is there a piece of kit you can’t leave home without?
Deep heat, back patches, ibuprofen and cycling gels! With regards to the gels, my advice is definitely to avoid Espresso (horrific!) and Apple (consistency is very strange to say the least!)

Will you be indoor training when it’s cold and wet or harden up and train in the outdoors?
I split between my peloton and road riding – peloton definitely helps, but it’s no substitute for time on the road.

Any songs you sing in your head whilst riding?
Probably too many and too varied to mention! I use headphones (modest volume) whilst cycling to help me along and can go from old house classics to country and western, even some old Irish classic folk songs have made their way onto my playlist – like I said it’s very varied! I’m a rubbish singer so it’s definitely all in my head and not vocalised! Once I’m cycling I generally find any music helps me take my mind off my legs and helps to keep me moving forward. It’s always welcome to have a strong beat playing when tackling a tough hill.

In three words please summarise what you feel about this challenge.
Please be sunny!

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We wish everyone taking part the very best of luck. 

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