Carney Consultancy Laces their Trainers for Charity

21st December 2022

A team from Carney Consultancy recently put themselves to the test when competing in the Great North Run. We spoke with Louise Dack from the company to find out what made them want to fundraise for our charity and how they managed on the day.

“We chose the GNR because it is a local event, and something we could all do as a team even though we all have different levels of fitness. Director Martin Crammond put together a weekly training plan to help us prepare for the event as some of us were starting from a point of never running any distance before!

The event is iconic in the area as well as nationally, and so we felt as it’s such a high profile event it would maximum impact when fundraising.

The GNR is an amazing inspirational experience, and we all kept each other motivated to keep going when it got tough, plus the support from all the local crowds shouting out names was incredible.  Some of us struggled to get up the stairs to the office the next day and there were some epic blisters but it was definitely worth it.

Being at the start of the race was awe inspiring, so many people, but for us one of the key moments was running across the Tyne Bridge and something we will always remember as it is such an iconic landmark and part of our local heritage.  And obviously seeing the sea and getting near the end was a glorious sight too, and all meeting at the end and sharing our experiences.  Plus we had a contact who collected us by boat and took us back across to North Shields where we are based to help us  escape all those mega metro queues to get home!

We chose the Lighthouse Club, because it is a charity that we all support and are passionate about.  Our MD Angela Carney is part of the North East Lighthouse Club committee and works with them to promote their events.”

Martin Crammond, Director, added “the charity is especially close to us as it is the only charity which specifically helps the construction industry, and we wanted to do what we could to not only raise funds but promote the work they do so that more people are aware of the support that they provide, and so they know who to contact if they are struggling.”

Thank you for everyone at Carney Consultancy for getting involved and helping to fundraise for our charity!

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