Brogan Group cross the finish line on the Tall Building Charity Challenge

9th August 2021

Brogan Group have finished their tall building challenge, raising £2,000 for the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. Their volunteers from the Construction Access company, in the UK and Ireland, clocked up over 2,800km by walking or running a set distance, each week, for 8 consecutive weeks.

The set distances were based on the height of 8 Tall buildings Brogan Group have provided Access on. These were Boland’s Quay – Dublin, Apex House – Wembley, West Tower – Liverpool, Capital Gate Splash – UAE, The Walkie Talkie Tower and the Scalpel in London, and the mighty Burj Khalifa in the UAE. A lighthouse was also included in the mix in honour of the charity itself.

Brogan Group have committed to supporting its own workers, having recently signed the Building Mental Health Charter with BMH, a cross-industry group that enable all parts of the construction sector to access mental health support, provide awareness and support to people working in and around our industry.

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said, “As well as being one of our valued Company Supporters, Brogan have also undertaken a fantastic fundraising challenge for us which is great news. They’re also helping us raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health in the industry which is crucial to our mission that no construction worker or their family should feel alone in a crisis”.

Will Allen, Marketing Manager with Brogan Group commented:

“We wanted to fundraise for the Lighthouse Club as we have worked with them for a number of years and know the good work they have done to support people within the construction industry, particularly in the mental health provision, which is finally getting wider recognition across the industry and in wider society.”

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