Bowmer & Kirkland Pedal Paddle and Pace

4th September 2023

Bowmer & Kirkland employees came together to participate in the Pedal Paddle Pace event, a multi-sport challenge that combined a 20km bike ride, a 5km run, and a 2km kayak. With a commitment to both athleticism and philanthropy, the event showcased the company’s dedication to supporting our charity.

The Pedal Paddle Pace event, featured a trio of activities  suited to participants of varying athletic backgrounds. From seasoned cyclists to novice kayakers, there was something for everyone.

Four teams of three, embarked on this challenging journey. While the competition on the field was fierce, these teams demonstrated unity when it came to fundraising, rallying together to raise an impressive £2500 for our charity.

The true highlight of the event for the team was in the sense of togetherness and achievement it instilled in everyone that took part.

The decision to support the our charity was rooted in Bowmer & Kirkland’s belief in the significance of wellbeing support within the construction community. The mission of providing essential support services resonated deeply with the company, and its employees had seen the work firsthand.

Over the past year, we have actively visited many Bowmer & Kirkland construction sites, spreading awareness about the invaluable help we offer. The impact of these visits was profound, as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from the company’s workforce. These efforts were successful in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health in their workplace, leading to several staff members seeking support from us.

In the words of a company spokesperson, “We are extremely grateful for the work the charity does, and we look forward to continuing to support the success of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.” The commitment demonstrated by Bowmer & Kirkland in raising both funds and awareness for positive wellbeing exemplifies the positive change that organisations can bring to their communities when they unite for a common cause.

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