A community care worker came to us for help when her partner of 15 years, who had been a groundworker became very ill and passed away suddenly.

They were due to get married in December 2020 but postponed the wedding for a year due to Covid-19 restrictions. They were busy planning for their wedding in December 2021. 

But when her partner began to feel unwell and was referred to specialists, he was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer which was a huge shock. During the process of discussing possible treatments with consultants, his condition worsened and he passed away earlier this year.

His partner was devastated and the shock of the sudden loss was having a severe impact on her mental health and wellbeing. She was struggling to cope  with the simplest tasks and was unable to go anywhere and function with any kind of normality. We immediately arranged for her to receive bereavement counselling sessions to help her cope.

The loss of her partner also had an immediate impact on her financial situation and she was struggling to get support from the Department for Work and Pension. We were able to provide help with the costs of one month’s rent, utility bills and provided a food shop for several weeks. We also assisted with funeral costs and helped her to access other support such as council tax reduction and income support.

Since our involvement, she has begun a steady journey of recovery and has finished her bereavement counselling. She is still receiving aftercare from one of our life coaches and regular calls from one of our case workers to provide extra support.

She often mentions how incredibly grateful she is for our support, especially for organising the bereavement counselling so quickly as she believes it was exactly what she needed at the time.

None of this would have been possible without your support.