BAM Construction North West’s Mountainous Success

28th July 2022

We spoke to Danny Thomson, Construction Manager at BAM Construction North West, who gave us the story on their recent Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge accomplishment:

We work for a Construction firm, BAM Construct UK, and we are a group of Well Being Champions in our region (North West) that help sign post staff and our supply chain if they are in need of any metal health support. We also roll out talks and presentations throughout the year on many subjects such as dealing with stress, mens health, women’s health etc.

To highlight further what we do and also to get some team building into our group we decided it would be a good idea to do something for charity and the Lighthouse Club seemed the perfect fit for our work around Well Being. Doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks meant we could get outdoors, take in the fresh air, forget about work and doing some talking.

How did the event itself go?

The 3 Peaks event was superb, we started the walk at 7.00 and completed in around 10.5 hours. The only downside to the day was the rain. It rained constantly for about 7 hours and although it made it really tough going everyone rallied round to keep encouraging each other.

What were the memorable moments/highlights?

Finishing!! Crossing over the final bridge into the car park you felt such a sense of achievement and raising over £10,000 made every step worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone at BAM Construction North West who participated in the challenge for your fantastic efforts!

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