A builder’s merchant was signposted to us by a debt relief charity. When he contacted us he was struggling with grief, working to battle alcohol addiction and in a lot of debt.

The client was suffering from depression, triggered by the loss of his mother and close friends. We organised counselling to help him manage his depression and work through his grief. He found counselling amazing and was able to identify things that happened in his childhood that has had a negative impact on his adult life.

The client had a difficult and traumatic childhood. From a young age he witnessed his mother being abused by her husband. He was given alcohol to drink while still at primary school and believes this contributed to his alcohol dependency.

He is being supported to address his alcoholism by attending an organised programme and is tested twice a week to ensure he remains alcohol free. He has also started exercising and finds that going to the gym and swimming really helps his mental and physical health.

We have now referred him to our Aftercare Service, which helps people to make positive life changes and set goals for their future.

The client has shared that contacting the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity was the best thing he has ever done and is looking forward to starting his Aftercare journey.