As an industry we need to do more to help and support our workforce and their families

Every year there are over 69,000 new cases of work related illness that can be directly attributed to working within construction

Every year over 1.7 million working days are lost through injury or illness in our industry

Every year over 400 construction workers commit suicide

Every year there are on average, 40 fatalities on our building sites

Stress, depression or anxiety accounts for a fifth of all work related illness

Over 45% of all occupational cancer cases in the UK are directly attributed to working in construction

Every year there are over 2000 major accidents that incapacitate the worker in such a way they cannot return to work

We have clubs around the UK

If you’d like to find out about your local club and what is happening in your area then we have all the information here for you

Lighthouse Day

Take just one day…to help our own. Choose a day that suits you and pledge to hold a Lighthouse Day for us. It’s really simple!!

Who We Are

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has been delivering Charitable Welfare and Support to the Construction Community since 1956. Since its humble beginnings the charity has now distributed over £16.5 million to over 15,500 construction workers and their families

Our charitable work has never been so relevant or so urgently needed

Take just one day…to help our own, sign up for Lighthouse Day

Our 24/7 confidential helpline provides access to a portfolio of support services, including financial aid